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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

We work with our venues to maximise revenue and profitability each and every day!  When it comes to choosing a company to manage revenue-generating events venue, the quality of service and product are what set Eaglestrike apart from the rest.


Eaglestrike can help your club gain popularity & interest in your community with Sponsored Events!


Our recent events have included:

• Raffles and Giveaways with great prizes

• Delicious Outdoor BBQ’s

• Fun Cornhole/Poker Tournaments

• FREE EagleStrike Promo Items

• Live Entertainment


Eaglestrike's Sponsored Membership Drive at

American Legion Sweeney Post 2, Manchester NH

Fantasy Sports


Testimonials From Partners

“I cannot say enough positive things about what a quality organization EagleStrike Entertainment is. Recently they sponsored a membership drive and open house…and what a fantastic event it was…resulting in 21 new memberships!” 

-Dave Quinn, Finance Officer, Henry J. Sweeney Post 2, American Legion



“The event was better than we had hoped for. It is amazing that we increased our membership by so many people in one day. We are very thankful and look forward to working with EagleStrike on events in the future!”

-Janet Labonville, Trustee, Elks #146